Edge interview, AJC

Edge interview,Outside

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How to Read a Menu (Taking Down Pageant Restaurants Old & New)

I rarely write when I'm angry about something. This time I did. (Click the image to behold.)




50 Dishes that Define the South's Future

Every time an editor asks me to create some sort of list, I chafe. I bitch. I caterwaul. 

And then I embrace the assignment and realize that lists can serve as great writing excercises. I'm proud of this one. 



Garden & Gun / Atlanta & Miami

Traveling the South for Garden & Gun, I get to explore ethnicity and class by wayt of food.
And, yes, I get to eat well too. 


NEW Oxford American Food Issue!

This is the third time that the Oxford American has entrusted a special food issue to me. For 2015, together with a passle of great writers, I explore the welcome table ideal.

If you're familiar with my work at the Southern Foodways Alliance, you'll appreciate the complement here.

HERE is a link to my introduction to the issue, which also serves as an introduction to Goren Avery, the storied veteran of Highlands Bar & Grill in Birmingham.